Super skipping!

P5/6 were puffed out on Thursday after our P.E lesson! We tried out lots of different skipping techniques and are keen to practise at home! On Thursday, pupils may take in their skipping rope from home if they wish.

Numbers, numbers everywhere!

P5/6 have been working with 4, 5 and 6 digit numbers. We have practised reading, ordering and writing numbers ( in numerals and words). We will keep practising the spelling of the trickier number words. We have also looked at the value of each digit (place value) and quickly +/- 10, 100, 1 000, 10 000 … particularly when bridging numbers e.g 3,499 +1= 12, 990 + 10= 23,900 + 100= 39,450 + 1,000=


Welcome to our new class blog! P5/6 have had a busy start to our new school year and I have enjoyed catching up on all their news and views. Our classroom is looking brighter with beautiful watercolour paintings of our favourite places.

A few times to note during the week ~ P5/6 will have 2 outdoor P.E sessions per week on Mondays with Mr McAndrew (P.E specialist) and Thursdays with me. We will also have outdoor activities on the other days so bringing a warm jumper/top and a waterproof jacket daily would be really helpful.